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Tips for Requesting Your Metal Stamping Quote from Muthig Industries in Fond du Lac, WI

Muthig Industries of Wisconsin is a full service precision metal stamping, laser cutting and metal fabrication manufacturer that cares about excellence and customer service. At Muthig Industries, it is our dedication to quality that drives us to provide you with the most accurate quotes possible. To help ensure each and every quote is handled as accurately and efficiently as possible, we've put together some tips for you to keep in mind when you request a quote.

The more detailed and specific the information you give us when requesting a custom metal stamping quote, the better. Be as accurate as possible when giving us your requirements. Adding or changing a requirement after the tooling has been completed can increase the cost of a part far more than if it was designed into it in the first place.

Learn about our custom metal stamping standards and processes and get a better understanding of what we do here in our Fond du Lac, Wisconsin location. Muthig Industries provides a wide array of precision metal stamping and laser cutting services. View samples of Muthig's laser cutting jobs to get a look at some of our past work. For your convenience, we've put together some other tips for sending laser cutting files.

Information to include in your Metal Stamping Quote Request from Wisconsin Metal Stamping specialists, Muthig Industries:

While being as detailed as possible, please be sure to include the following information:

Type of material to be used

Knowing what you have in mind allows us to provide the most accurate custom metal stamping quote possible.

Material thickness

To help reduce the cost of your metal stamping product, it is recommended that you use common gages.


When requesting a metal stamping quote, please include your finish choice: matte, bright, polished, etc.


Please specify the desired hardness of your project: annealed, as rolled, full hard, etc.


Advise us as to the estimated annual usage, lot size, and life of part when requesting a quote.


Do you have strict specifications for the dimensions? What is the degree of accuracy necessary for your project?


What is the allowable curvature in the surface of your project? Is there room for variation?


How will your project be finished? Will it be plated, painted, oiled, etc?


What are the cosmetic preferences you have for your custom metal stamping project?


How will your finished product be packaged? Will you be shipping in bulk? Will it be boxed by quantity? Are there any special packaging specifications necessary?

Now You're Ready to Request a Detailed Custom Metal Stamping Quote!