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Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin

Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce

Wisconsin Precision Metal Stampings from Wisconsin

For customers who demand the best quality metal stampings delivered on time and at a competitive price, Muthig Industries Inc. of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin will be their choice.

Coil Feed Presses - 80, 180, 220 Ton

Muthig's Wisconsin metal stampings division has newer, up to date presses ranging from 20 ton to 220 ton wide bed double crank presses that are made for precision metal stamping. These presses are fast, repeatable, and are programmable to allow for in die sensing and enhanced dimensional control of the numerous stampings that we do. All of our precision metal stamping presses have computerized servo driven feeders that match up well with the close tolerance progressive dies we are required to run. Our washer and small part metal stamping presses have a feeding system that will automatically nest the part on a wide strip of material assuring that more parts will be squeezed out of every sq. inch of material. We stock many thickness of material in both stainless and carbon steel for this system, so we can expedite your precision metal stampings immediately.

Progressive Transfer Die

Our tooling department has been an important part of our business since 1965 and continues to build all our precision tooling in house. Our tool and die have been designing, building and maintaining all types of tools and fixtures that include compound blank dies, pierce and cut off dies, draw dies, and progressive dies in which can produce intricate parts with each stroke of the press.

We are located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin just off of Hwy 41, with one day delivery to Wisconsin's Fox Valley as well as Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL and other parts of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and throughout other parts of the Midwest.

Utilizing our laser cutting division and our full range of metal stamping, production machining and turning, custom metal fabrication and other capabilities and systems we can process your design from proto-type mock-ups to short and long run volume production.

The Muthig Industries stocking program not only gives you a better volume price but will ensure you that we have a supply of parts on-hand for immediate delivery. Domestic sourcing is important to many of our current customers; quick delivery and rapid response to parts and orders are incredibly important and our number one goal. PPAP's, ISIR's and full documentation and traceability are always available and kept on file.

Wisconsin Metal Stamping Capabilities

Secondary Metal Stamping Operations

  • Tapping, drilling, forming, etc.
  • Deburring tumblers
  • Vibratory deburring
  • Spot welding / projection welding
  • Tig and Mig Welding
  • Assembly
  • Precision machining

Other Metal Stamping Services Provided by Muthig Industries

Stamped parts
  • Passivation
  • Plating; zinc, cadmium and chromate
  • Powder Coating
  • Heat Treating
  • Painting
  • Specialized Packaging

Tools that Fabricate our Success

Being flexible allows us to meet the needs of multiple industries. Here are some tools that give us the competitive edge and allow us to exceed your expectations for precision parts.

Muthig's LaserQC technology enables us to produce high quality metal stampings for our customers. The LaserQC is able to measure a flat blank measuring up to 60"x90". We have the following capabilities:

  • Reverse Engineering; we can work with a pre-existing part that does not have a CAD file. We are able to scan the complete profile using the LaserQC technology and store the data in a CAD compatible .dxf file. This eliminates the need for time consuming hand measurements and CAD programming.

  • First Article Inspection; at Muthig, we are able to inspect your flat parts on the spot, completing a 100% scan in just seconds and comparing every measurement to your CAD drawing. By having the laser operator perform the inspection it helps eliminate the Quality Control bottlenecks.

  • SPC and Quality Reporting; the LaserQC system automatically creates detailed, printed inspection reports and data files that can be provided to our customers upon request.

Muthig Industries Inc. has a history of being a full service manufacturer right here in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Our dedication and loyalty drive us to provide you with the highest quality customer service and metal stamping services possible. We work with highly dependable and competitive vendors, and these relationships have enabled us to become a leader in our markets.

  • Two Mitsubishi Lasers at 4,000 and 4,500 watts providing tremendous speed, accuracy and product turnaround
  • Presses ranging from 20 to 220 tons
  • Servo powered feeders that feed lines up to 18" wide and .312" thick
  • Zigzag feeders that save 13% to 18% in material usage
  • An uncoiler, double uncoiler and straighteners to accelerate the process from step one
  • Our Link System 2500 ensures the quality that our clients have come to expect with limit controls and die protection
  • Add threads to any product with our manual and automated tapping machines
  • Finishing tools including a vibratory finisher and other de-burring equipment
  • Spot welders, projection welders
  • Multiple machining centers
  • Press Brake with CNC gauging

High Quality Metal Stamping Services

At Muthig Industries, our quality control procedures set us apart from the competition. We ensure a rigid inspection of parts multiple times throughout the initial and secondary production process. Quality is an attitude and quality is your guarantee.

A "Certified Quality Supplier" for Mercury Marine for over 30 years.

stamped metal parts

Quotes from Muthig Industries

As a part of our commitment to quality, Muthig Industries aims at delivering the most accurate quotes possible. Please request a quote today and we'll respond quickly. To ensure that we receive all of the needed information to produce an accurate quote, we've put together a list of tips. Please take a minute to look over our Tips for Requesting a Quote and help us help you.