Key Features of Muthig’s Quality System

  • Full ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • On-Site Faro Arm, CMM, Comparator and Laser QC Inspection Technology
  • First part inspection and routine quality checks throughout the process
  • Full traceability of all materials and processes throughout each phase of the process
  • PPAP’s (Production Part Approval Process) provided to customers upon request
  • Zero Defects

Our quality assurance department is fully ISO 9001:2015 certified. With the use of our rigid inspection program and strict adherence to our formally documented quality control procedures, you can be assured that your orders will be manufactured to your specifications each time we produce them.

Wenzel Xorbit 55 CMM
We utilize a CNC automated bridge type CMM that runs on Open-DMIS software.  This gives us the ability to 3-D measure just about any part we manufacture with up to 2.5 micron accuracy.

  • All granite construction
  • Renishaw probing system
  • Ability to program directly from CAD

Muthig Industries utilizes the FaroArm Platinum measurement and imaging solutions. This technology allows us to inspect, reverse engineer, and analyze parts and fixtures with incredible precision. The FaroArm Platinum technology gives us the following capabilities:

  • The Platinum FaroArm can easily be mounted for easy adaptability. It provides us with that “measure-where-you-make-it” capability geared to increase productivity without compromising quality.
  • The adaptable 3-D measurement technology is ideal for forming, fabrication, and assemblies. GD&T and SPC output are two reporting measures that we are able to provide.

Virtek Laser QC
Muthig Industries utilizes LaserQC laser inspection technology at our Fond du Lac, WI facility to ensure quality and reliability for our clients. The LaserQC is able to measure a flat blank as large as 60″x90″.

  • First Article Inspection; we are able to inspect your flat parts on the spot, completing a 100% scan in just seconds and comparing every measurement to your CAD drawing.
  • SPC and Quality Reporting; the system automatically creates detailed, printed inspection reports and data files that can be provided to our customers upon request.
  • Reverse Engineering; we are able to take an existing part that does not have a CAD file scan the complete profile using the LaserQC and store the data in a CAD compatible .dxf file. This eliminates the need for time consuming hand measurements and CAD programming.

We maintain full traceability, from raw materials to the final shipment. We use custom gauges and fixtures for in-process checks at workstations. As the need arises, we design quality processes to meet customers’ specific needs.

  • Full-part traceability
  • Custom gauging and fixtures
  • Documented control plans
  • In-process inspection report/process flow chart
  • Quality process designed to meet customer specific requirements
  • Automatic and Manual CMM capabilities
  • Perform statistical analysis and studies
  • Reverse Engineering Capabilities
  • Rigid inspection program
  • Preferred or Certified Supplier to several customers including Mercury Marine