Our tooling department has been an important part of our business since 1965 and continues to build all our precision tooling in house. The tooling department has been designing, building and maintaining all types of tools and fixtures that include compound blank dies, pierce and cut off dies, draw dies, and progressive dies in which can produce intricate parts with each stroke of the press.

Tool and Die Services:

  • Solidworks & Logopress design
  • Progressive tooling
  • Compound blank tooling
  • Short run insert tooling
  • Pierce & Cut-Off tooling
  • Form tooling
  • Custom Fixtures (welding, inspection, assembly)
  • Design and building of Specialty Machines

Wire EDM Machining Capabilities

For those high precision components of your tool and die needs, our wire EDM department is capable of producing intricate shapes on punches and dies, prototype parts, die repairs or parts using exotic materials.