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Just a note to say thank you and a job well done. A few months ago I came to you with a project to construct new guarding on our multi-head drill presses. Our existing guarding was substandard and dangerous. From design to installation, Muthig came through with “spot on” accuracy. I am very pleased with the outcome and more importantly our risk management consults were impressed and even more importantly our machine operators can now work in a safer environment.

I can always count on you guys to come through. That’s why I never considered anybody else but Muthig Industries for this project.

Please give everyone involved with this project a pat on the back from me. Again thank you and it’s always a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you very much. Good Job!!!

I really appreciate the communication Muthig has given over the last few months. Everyone involved should be very proud of the great customer service you have been providing.

When we are wrong, you make things right.